Top 10 Activities to Do in India Before Turning 40

June,23 2024

Title: Top 10 Activities to Do in India Before Turning 40


India, a land of diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and rich heritage, offers countless experiences for every traveler. As you approach the milestone of turning 40, it’s time to tick off some of the most exhilarating and enriching activities from your bucket list. Whether you seek adventure, spiritual awakening, or cultural immersion, India has something extraordinary to offer. Here are the top 10 activities you must do in India before you turn 40.

1. Trek to the Everest Base Camp

Why It’s a Must: Embark on a journey to the roof of the world with the Everest Base Camp trek. This adventure takes you through the picturesque landscapes of the Himalayas, offering a glimpse of the world’s highest peak.

2. Experience the Backwaters of Kerala

Why It’s a Must: Float through the serene backwaters of Kerala on a houseboat. This unique experience lets you explore the tranquil waterways, lush greenery, and traditional villages.

3. Attend the Kumbh Mela

Why It’s a Must: Participate in the world's largest religious gathering at the Kumbh Mela. Witness the grandeur of millions of devotees taking a holy dip in the sacred rivers.

4. Safari in Ranthambore National Park

Why It’s a Must: Spot the majestic Bengal tiger in its natural habitat with a safari in Ranthambore National Park. This thrilling adventure is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts.

5. Explore the Temples of Tamil Nadu

Why It’s a Must: Marvel at the architectural brilliance of Tamil Nadu’s ancient temples. Visit iconic sites like the Brihadeeswarar Temple and the Meenakshi Temple.

6. Paragliding in Bir Billing

Why It’s a Must: Soar through the skies with paragliding in Bir Billing, one of the world’s top paragliding destinations. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Dhauladhar mountain range.

7. Experience the Rann of Kutch Festival

Why It’s a Must: Witness the white desert come alive during the Rann Utsav. This vibrant festival showcases the rich culture, crafts, and cuisine of Gujarat.

8. Scuba Diving in the Andaman Islands

Why It’s a Must: Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Andaman Islands and explore the vibrant marine life and coral reefs.

9. Experience Yoga in Rishikesh

Why It’s a Must: Reconnect with your inner self in the Yoga Capital of the World, Rishikesh. Attend a yoga retreat or join a meditation course on the banks of the Ganges.

10. Attend the Jaipur Literature Festival

Why It’s a Must: Engage with literary giants and like-minded bibliophiles at the Jaipur Literature Festival. This festival is a haven for book lovers and intellectuals.